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Hospice/Respite Care Room

There may come a time during the course of your family member's illness that you as a caregiver need some time away from the duties and stresses of care giving. Caregiver stress can lead to physical and emotional problems that can interfere with your ability to provide care. The ECMH Hospice/Respite Care Room can be utilized during these times as a respite room. The room can also be utilized for end of life care for HOSPICE patients.

Respite care, is a short-term care given to a patient, so that a family member or friend who is the patient's caregiver can rest or take time off. This type of care was created to allow caregivers time away from caregiving, with the goal being to help the caregivers relieve their stress and at the same time fill the needs of the patient.

There are certain criteria that must be met. Patient intake can be arranged by calling 979-578-5115 Ext. 115 or the main hospital line at 979-543-6251. Hospice can also arrange patient transfer to the Hospice/Respite room at El Campo Memorial Hospital.

"If a patient is admitted to El Campo Memorial Hospital under Hospice, palliative care or end of life measure, please contact me to discuss your options in utilizing this room which can provide a homey atmosphere, with compassionate care and professional staff," ended Silvas.

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