El Campo Medical Foundation

Established in 1974, the El Campo Medical Foundation is dedicated to enhancing access to quality healthcare within our region. Our mission revolves around collaborative efforts with healthcare organizations, community groups, and philanthropic partners to effectively identify and address the unique healthcare challenges faced by rural communities.  By actively engaging in fundraising endeavors, cultivating donor relationships, and maximizing support from our communities we can help improve the health and well-being of individuals in our region. 

El Campo Medical Foundation Board Members

Kim Cooper, President
Mary Johnson
Randy Clapp

Paul Pope, Vice President
Dianne Appling
Becky VonDerAu

Suzanne Horak, Secretary/ Treasurer
Diane Clapp Beutel
Edmund Weinheimer

Contact El Campo Medical Foundation

If anyone or a civic group is interested in learning more about the new hospital or the
El Campo Medical Foundation, please contact:

Pamela Hunt
Executive Director, El Campo Medical Foundation
phunt@ecmh.org | 979-543-9791

El Campo Memorial Hospital (ECMH) and its predecessor have been providing the highest quality medical care in El Campo for over 68 years, and at the current location since 1979.The hospital is accredited by state and federal regulations (Medicare/Medicaid). Patient Billing: Various physicians involved in your care at ECMH will bill you directly for their services. These may include your anesthesiologist, emergency room physician(s), radiologist, pathologist, cardiologist or other consulting physician during your ER visit or hospital stay. Please remember that some physicians are private practitioners (contracted by ECMH and not an actual employee of ECMH) and may not be a provider on your specific managed care plan.
Pricing Transparency