Ways to Volunteer

Volunteers are an essential part of ECMH's health care team, as they help us deliver quality, compassionate care to our patients. Volunteers can serve our community in two ways, as: 1) Sunshine Ladies, and 2) Hospital Volunteers. Both men and women are encouraged to become volunteers!

The Sunshine Ladies are a group of women volunteers who fill a number of rolls such as serving as greeters, assisting with escorting patients to various areas of the hospital, clerical duties, selling newspapers, popcorn and snacks. The Sunshine Ladies are responsible for a yearly fundraiser "The Silver Coffee" along with other yearly drawings.

The Hospital Volunteers include both men and women of all ages and are responsible for many of the same activities as the Sunshine Ladies.

If you're looking to give back to the El Campo Memorial Hospital, we invite you to contact Irma Rocha at 979-578-5250 to inquire about our volunteer programs. Come serve with us.


Why Volunteer at ECMH

Volunteering at ECMH allows individuals the opportunity to serve the community by sharing time and talents with those most in need. Your time is a valuable contribution to our organization and our patients, and we appreciate any time you can give.

Who Can Volunteer at ECMH

ECMH welcomes teenage and adult volunteers to help us serve our patients. If you have the desire to serve and help others, we'd love to speak to you and find a fit for you.
To learn more, contact Irma Rocha 979-578-5250 or irocha@ecmh.org.
El Campo Memorial Hospital (ECMH) and its predecessor have been providing the highest quality medical care in El Campo for over 68 years, and at the current location since 1979.The hospital is accredited by state and federal regulations (Medicare/Medicaid). Patient Billing: Various physicians involved in your care at ECMH will bill you directly for their services. These may include your anesthesiologist, emergency room physician(s), radiologist, pathologist, cardiologist or other consulting physician during your ER visit or hospital stay. Please remember that some physicians are private practitioners (contracted by ECMH and not an actual employee of ECMH) and may not be a provider on your specific managed care plan.